5 Ways To Be More Green

photo (10)Greetings Breezles,

Going green doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition.  Little things we do in our daily life can make a big impact. I have been wanting to add some additional green habits to my daily routine and I didn’t know where to start, so I did some research to find out what others are doing to improve their green habits.   After searching I found some wonderful tips from  James Oseland,  the former editor in chief for Organic Life Magazine.  All of the suggestions he makes are very easy to add to any routine and are very cost effective. My favorite ideas form Mr. Oseland are below.

What do you do to lead a green lifestyle?

, E

1. Eat local and in season produce and start meatless Mondays

Eating local is fresher, therefore making it more nutritious.  Meatless Mondays helps reduce 20% of the greenhouse emissions caused by the meat industry.  If you are looking for some great meatless meals Jessica Seinfeld has a recipe every Monday  http://www.doitdelicious.com/

2. Start making your own household cleaners

When it comes to cleaning, vinegar and water is almost as effective as supermarket household cleaners.  When making it use 9 parts fresh water and 1 part distilled white vinegar.  It is natural and doesn’t cost as much as the cleaners in the store.

3. Reduce the amount of junk mail

Americans receive close to 80 billion pieces of junk mail every year and most of us don’t even look at it.  You can reduce the amount of junk mail crowding your mail box by registering at www.DMAchoice.org or download the paperkarma ap.

4. Purchase a house plant

Air pollution levels in our home can be about 100 times what they are outside.  The pollutants come from carpet, paint, furniture, etc and they build up over time.  House plants have the ability to filter the air and clean it.  If you don’t know what plant to get, Josh Oseland said Ficus plants are considered to be the superheroes in the plant world and will be the most effective.

5. Reduce shower time

Reducing shower time by 4 minutes a day can save over 4,000 gallons of water a year!  I know taking long, hot showers can be very relaxing, but cutting back a little can do a lot.

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Eco Friendly Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

Did you know that in honor of World Recycle Week H&M is giving a 30% discount to anyone who recycles their unwanted clothes at any H&M store from April 7th-April 27th? Because of this and Earth Week I wanted to feature items from H&M’s Conscious collection in this weeks outfit inspiration.

What eco friendly brands do you like to purchase?



1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.

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National Park Week


Greetings Breezles,

There are so many ways to celebrate Mother Earth and the National Park Service is making it easier to enjoy the outdoors by offering free admission to everyone from April 16th-April 24th 2016.  They are doing this to celebrate their 100th birthday and they are calling it National Park Week.  In honor of National Park Week I put together a list of 5 facts you may not have known about our National Park Service.

What is your favorite National Park?

♥, E

  1.  There are 59 National Parks in the United States.
  2.  The National Park Service turns 100 this year! It was established by an act signed by President Woodrow Wilson on August 25, 1816.
  3. Yellowstone National Park was the nation’s first national park.  It was created by an act signed by President Ulysses S, Grant on March 1,1872.
  4. California has the most national parks (9), followed by Alaska (8) and then Utah (5).
  5. According to the National Park Service the top 10 most visited National Parks in 2015 were:
    1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park                                 10,712,674 Recreational Visits
    2. Grand Canyon National Park                                               5,520,736 Recreational Visits
    3. Rocky Mountain National Park                                                4,155,916 Recreational Visits
    4. Yosemite National Park                                                          4,150,217 Recreational Visits
    5. Yellowstone National Park                                                      4,097,710 Recreational Visits
    6. Zion National Park                                                                  3,648,846 Recreational Visits
    7. Olympic National Park                                                         3,263,761 Recreational Visits
    8. Grand Teton National Park                                                     3,149,921 Recreational Visits
    9. Acadia National Park                                                           2,811,184 Recreational Visits
    10. Glacier National Park                                                          2,366,056 Recreational Visits
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Happy Earth Week

Greetings Breezles,

Earth day is this Friday, so I wanted to dedicate this week to talk about Mother Earth.  Here is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi to kick off Earth week.

 ♥, E

phi phi

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10 Items To Add To Your Coachella Packing List

Greetings Breezles,

Coachella is only a day away and though it may seem like you packed everything you may have forgotten a few crucial items.  To help you prepare for a weekend in the desert I rounded up 10 items you will want to make sure are in your bag.

What must have items are on your packing list?

 ♥, E


Paisley Bandana // Printed Bomber Jacket // Waterproof Ankle Booties // External Battery Case // Denim Short // Instant Mineral SPF // Polarized Sunglasses // Off Shoulder Top // Mini Pop Up Brush // Marlo Crossbody Bag

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Coachella Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

Are you ready for music festival season?  If you are still deciding what to wear to Coachella this weekend or your favorite music festival I put together a little outfit inspiration for the next time you are dancing the weekend away.

What do you like to wear to music festivals?

 ♥, E


Cochella Outfit

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.  // 10.

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5 Can’t Miss Shows at Coachella 2016

Greetings Breezles,

  Many of my friends are in the music industry and are headed to the desert to enjoy the Coachella Music Festival this weekend.  Most of them go every year and I like to hear which bands they are most excited to see.  A list of 5 of the can’t miss shows for Coachella 2016 they could all agree on are below.  If you can’t make it to Coachella or don’t want to be in the crowds you can still watch the majority of the shows on YouTube.  You Tube will start streaming Coachella performances on April 15 at 6:30 pm, so if you aren’t able to get to Palm Springs you can have your own dance party in the comforts of your own home.

Do you like to go to music festivals or would you rather watch them at home?

 ♥, E

LCD Soundsystem

Guns N’ Roses


Beach House

Joey Bada$$


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Get Lost In Something You Love

Greetings Breezles,

The music festival season kicks off this weekend in Palm Springs with Coachella. I attended Coachella a few years ago and it was one of the most amazing weekends I have ever had.  Listening to live music is one of my favorite things to do and it is so easy to get lost in it.  I like this quote because it is important to find something you can get lost in and forget about the stresses of the world. I know all of us can’t get to any music festivals and they aren’t for everyone, but I hope can lose yourself in something you love.

 ♥, E


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