A Neutral Outfit For Memorial Day

Greetings Breezles,

  I feel like Memorial Day is the unofficial start to Summer.  It is a day to relax, enjoy the warm weather and be with loved ones.  Below is a little outfit inspiration for whatever you have planned for the long weekend ahead.

Are you going out of town or staying home for Memorial Day weekend?

, Ememorial day neutrals

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13 Must Have Items For Your Memorial Day Packing List

Greetings Breezles,

I like to make a list of items I will need when I leave town.  Whether it’s short weekend getaway or a long excursion it is always good to be prepared.  Below is my list of 13 must have items for the long weekend ahead or for any summer weekend after that.

What is on your summer weekend packing list?

, E

Oversized Sunglasses // Denim Shorts // Swimsuit // Weekender Bag // Metallic Sandals // Perfect Tee // Hair Resort Spray // Off Shoulder Dress // Packable Straw Hat // Striped Sweater // Sunscreen // White Jeans // Classic Sneakers

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10 Gardening Necessities

Greetings Breezles,

I am planning on finally getting to my garden this weekend!  I am still a beginner when it comes to gardening, so I asked the manager at my favorite nursery what her top 10 gardening necessities are.  Her list is below, but I would love to hear what you like to take with you when you are gardening.

, E


Waterproof Boots // Hand Cultivator and Loop Hoe // Garden Cart // Hand Trowel // Garden Hose // Kneeling Pad // Sun Hat // Watering Can // Work Gloves // Pruning Shears

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5 Gardening Tips From A Professional Gardener

gardenGreetings Breezles,

  It’s the time of year to start gardening and thinking about what we need to do to get our yards ready for Summer.  I am a novice when it comes to yard maintenance, so I spoke to my favorite gardener, Maureen Matejcik and asked her what tips she could give me when I am planting this Spring.  Her tips are below, but I would love to hear what tips you have for beginning gardeners.

, E

1. When deciding what plants you want in your garden make sure to read the labels. Some plants need lots of sun, like shade, and/or don’t need much water. Most labels will identify what each plant desires which will help you make an informed decision.

2. When planting a plant or an herb, make sure the hole isn’t too deep. You want it to be flush with where the dirt meets the plant, not higher or lower.

3.  Laying out plants while they are still in their containers is a great way to get a visual of what they will look like when planted.  Most plants enjoy their same kind and it will look better if you have more than one in the same area. Three is usually a good number.

4. Make sure all of your plants have enough room around them. If they are planted too close to one another they can get lost in other plants and potentially die. Shrubs especially will grow, so don’t place them too close together.

5. Before planting a plant in the location you want, loosen the roots so they will enjoy and take faster in their new home by pinching the bottom a couple of times.

I hope this helps and happy gardening 

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The Seeds You Plant

Greetings Breezles,

Spring is the season when many people start to plant, so I thought to post a quote about the importance of planting seeds in your life as well as your garden.

Do you like to do yard work or do you prefer to hire someone else to do it?

, E


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A Sweet and Spicy Margarita Recipe

photo (4)

Happy Cinco de Mayo Breezles,

  Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend? Whether you are hanging at home with a couple friends or you are throwing a full on fiesta, a fun margarita recipe is a must.  Below is an easy recipe with a perfect amount of sweet and spice.

How do you like your margarita?

, E

Ingredients for two margaritas:

6 oz tequila

4 oz lime juice

1 cup ice cubes

1 cup fresh raspberries

2 oz sparkling water

2 oz jalapeno syrup

    1 cup water

    1 cup sugar

    1 jalapeno

Method for jalapeno syrup:

Slice a jalapeno in half

Heat the water and sugar over medium heat until the water is dissolved

Add the sliced jalapeno, bring it to a simmer, turn heat to low and cook on low heat for 15 minutes

Remove from heat and let it steep for 20 minutes

Strain the syrup through a fine mesh sieve and store in the refrigerator until serving

Method for non blended margarita:

Muddle raspberries

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice

Add tequila, lime juice, sparkling water and jalapeno syrup

Cover and shake for about 30 seconds

Strain into a glass

Add muddled raspberries and enjoy

Method for blended margarita:

Place tequila, lime juice, raspberries, sparkling water and jalapeno syrup into a blender

Blend until smooth

Add ice, push it to the bottom and blend until smooth

Pour into a glass and enjoy

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10 Festive Headpieces to Wear While Watching The Kentucky Derby

Greetings Breezles,

Whether you are going to Churchill Downs or you are attending a derby party this Saturday you will want to have the perfect topper to match your derby dress.  Below are 10 headpieces that are sure to wow at any derby event you are invited to this weekend.

Do you prefer to wear a hat or a fascinator?

, E

Feathered Sinamay Hat // Bow Accented Fascinator // Cheeky Straw Hat // Johnny Loves Rosie Bow Fascinator // Whittall And Shon Striped Wide Brim Hat // All My Adoration Fascinator // Scala Cloche Hat With Flower // Crystal Embellished Floral Fascinator // Daisy Embellished Straw Bucket Hat // Sweet Layered Sinamay Flowers Fascinator

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