10 One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Good Morning, Breezles

Anniversary gifts have been on my mind and the traditional anniversary gift for your first year is paper, so I have been racking my brain for a thoughtful gift made of paper. Here is a list of the top 10 things I came up with.  I would love to hear what you think would be the best gift from me to my husband or if you have any other ideas.

, E


  1. Tickets to an event (sporting, concert, etc.)
  2. A Savings Bond
  3. Journal
  4. Gift Certificate for a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  5. Plane Tickets to a romantic destination
  6. A Photo Album of Our First Year Together
  7. A Painting of Where We Were Married
  8. An Autographed Copy of His Favorite Book
  9. Personalized Stationary
  10. Personalized Travel Map



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One Year Anniversary

Good Morning Breezles,

This week my husband and I are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been one year already because it went by so fast.  It has been a crazy year of getting married, buying a house and rescuing our amazing puppy Bella.  One of my closest friends is getting married the same weekend, so on our anniversary we are attending her wedding in the mountains and spending the night at a local ski resort.  We would like to do something just the two of us in a couple weeks and I would love to hear some of your ideas on what to do to celebrate our first year as a married couple.

, E

Wedding Pic

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Julie Miles Jewelry

Greetings Breezles,

I had the pleasure of attending a trunk show for Julie Miles. I met Julie during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and fell in love with her jewelry as well as Julie herself. She uses fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals in almost every one of her designs, but has also started to add various precious stones


Julie created the Julie Miles label in 2001 and it has kept growing ever since. The label began when Julie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The odds were against her, but she didn’t give up. While undergoing chemotherapy treatments she found making jewelry to be therapeutic and started Julie Miles designs. Julie says, “The Julie Miles Label is a brand with a passion for bending the rules of fashion and style. At it’s core is the premise of women blazing their own trails, and dressing in a spirit that defies convention that scoffs at the robotic styles offered by institutional brands.”

She survived cancer and enjoys traveling the world to showcase her new jewelry designs. When I met Julie I instantly had a connection with her. I own one of her necklaces and whenever I wear it I can feel the love and positive energy Julie put into making it. I now consider Julie a friend and I find her to be a true inspiration to people everywhere. You can view additional pieces by Julie or learn about her upcoming trunk shows by visiting her website at: http://www.juliemiles.com/.


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