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 March Madness begins this Thursday and you whether you want to know about the games or not you will probably hear about them.  To help you get through the next few weeks of college basketball craziness I put together a list of 5 talking points that will help you impress any college basketball fan you come across.

Do you like to watch March Madness?

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  1.  A 16 seed has never defeated a number 1 seed.  Maybe 2016 will be the year.
  2. March Madness commercials cost millions of dollars.
  3. Employees use sick days to stay at home and watch the games.  Some men even get vasectomy’s during this time because it is a guilt free way to catch every game.  Hospitals actually advertise it as Vasectomy Madness.
  4. The odds of having a perfect bracket are nearly impossible.  In fact some mathematicians have concluded that the odds are about 1 in 125 billion.
  5. UCLA has won the NCAA tournamnet 11 times, making them the team to win the most titles, but Kentucky is believed to be the best March Madness Team ever! Kentucky has been to the tournament 54 times, have had 120 tournament wins, they have played 167 tournament games, have been in the sweet sixteen 41 times and have been part of the elite eight 36 times.  They have played in the final four 17 times, have competed in 12 NCAA Championship games and has won 8 national titles.   Villanova is the lowest seed to ever win the title.  It was in 1985.
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