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   The beginning of fall means fresh produce from your local farmers will be coming to an end.  This week I was able to speak with holistic nutrionist, Amber Young.  I really enjoyed talking with her about what holistic nutrition is and how we can incoporate it into our diet.  Amber said the three main things to remember is to eat seasonal, organic and unrefined foods and one of the best places to find these foods is at your local farmer’s market.   So, with Amber’s help I put together a list of some of the best fruits and veggies for fall you can find at any farmer’s market.

What is your favorite item to buy at the farmer’s market?

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Pumpkins: This festive gourd isn’t just for decoration.  When you are searching for a pumpking to cook make sure it is fully mature, so it is hard enough for short term storage and don’t ever carry a pumpking by it’s stem. If them stem breaks off it can leave the gourd with an open wound that invites rot and infection. Lastly, check the pumpking for any brusies or soft spots.  This could be sign of infection which means the pumpkin will rot very quickly.

Winter Squash: Butternut squash and spaghetti squash are only a couiple of the winter squash varieties you can find at your local farmers market.  Butternut squash has a yummy nut flavor perfect for fall recipes and spaghetti squash can be eaten like pasta, so it is a healthy alternative to noodles.

Apples: You may have heard people saying they like to go apple picking in the fall and that is because although apples are availalbe year round they at their ripest September-November.  Apples contain lots of Vitamin C and heart healthy fiber and can be added to many dishes or they can be a great snack all on their own.  When searching fo the best apple make sure there are no soft spots or bruises

Brussel Sprouts: I feel like brussel sprouts get a bad rap, but they can be delicious when cooked the right way.  If you are a bacon enthusiast think about adding a little iron and calcium your favorite meat by including some brussel sprouts.  If you are a vegetarian drizzle your favorite sauce (maybe a homemade pesto) onto the healthy veggie.

Pomegranates: They can be hard to peel, but boy are they delicious once you get them open.  Pomegranates peak between August and December, making fall the best time to break open the tasty fruit.  Add some pomegranate to your next salad or batch of cookies for some extra antioxidants.

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