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Are you looking for the perfect cocktail for your Oscar party this Sunday?  During the Sundance Film Festival I was lucky enough to speak with one of the West Coast Brand Ambassadors for Grey Goose and he showed me how to make one of their newest cocktails, the Grey Goose VX Martini Exceptionelle.  Below is a video explaining a little about the Grey Goose VX and directions on how to make this exceptional martini.

 Have you tried Grey Goose VX yet?

, E


2.5 oz. Grey Goose VX

Absinthe rinse

Spray of honey water

Garnish or skewer of frozen grapes


Rinse absinthe in glass, stir VX over ice and strain in martini glass, spray honey water into glass and garnish with frozen grapes peach slice or no garnish at all.

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