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  Many couples are starting to move in together before getting married, so it is uncommon to see a lot of kitchen gadgets and home goods on a registry these days.  This can make it a little more difficult to give the perfect wedding gift, so to help I came up with 5 unconventional, but very thoughtful wedding gifts.

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Do you have a favorite wedding gift to give?

A Honeymoon Surprise

If you know where the couple is honeymooning why not send them a gift?  It can be for a romantic dinner for two, a sailboat cruise or whatever fits the destination they are traveling to.  We had recently traveled to the honeymoon destination our friends were going to and we knew they were going to eat at our favorite restaurant, so we surprised them by sending a gift card for a dinner for two to the room where they were staying.  They were so surprised and loved it!

A Charitable Donation

Giving back is so important and if the couple who is getting married supports a charity a donation in their honor is a very thoughtful gift.

Something Personalized

I really like things that are monogrammed or personalized.  For our wedding we received a frame with a saying from our wedding ceremony in the middle and cutouts for pictures around it to add photographs of our wedding.  It was handmade and very thoughtful.  Another fun personalized gift we received were robes with our initials on them, a bottle of nice champagne for me and a bottle of local whiskey for my husband.

A Staycation At A Local Bed and Breakfast

It is so nice to be able to relax close to home without having to travel too far.  After the excitement from the wedding and honeymoon a stayacation could be just what the doctor ordered.  A gift certificate to your favorite boutique hotel or bed and breakfast is a wonderful gift for when the couple needs a nice weekend “away”.

A Painting of Where the Couple Was Married

Art can be tricky, so I don’t suggest this to everyone, but if you know the couple well this can be a very meaningful gift.  One of my bridesmaids asked what we wanted for our gift and she is an artist, so I asked her to paint a painting of where we were married.  It is one of my most cherished gifts and it is hanging in our living room.  We love ours so much we commissioned an artist to do the same for some of our closest friends and they absolutely love it.

Painting by Simon Winegar

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