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  Whether it’s a small get together with close friends or a large affair, adding a theme to any party, no matter how how simple can help make it more memorable. Below are 5 fun summer party ideas for when you want to throw a party your friends will never forget.

Do you have a favorite theme for summer parties?

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1. Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Party:  We have all heard of ugly sweater parties during the holidays, so why not make the party a luau and ask everyone to wear their favorite Hawaiian print. The uglier the better.

2.  Outdoor Movie Party:  Set up a projector outside, make some popcorn,  share your favorite movie candies, put out some blankets, pillows and chairs and voila, you have yourself an outdoor movie theater.

3. Beach Party: If you don’t live close to a beach there is no reason you can’t bring one to your home. Get a tarp and cover it with play sand, add sea shells, a few kiddie pools and bam, you have yourself a mini beach.

4. Relive Your Youth:  Was there a party you always wanted when you were young, but never got?  Whether you dreamed of a bounce house, a petting zoo, a ball pit or all of the above make it happen now.  Finish it off with food and drinks you loved when you were a child and have fun reminiscing about the “good ole days”.

5.  Lobster Bake:  Break out everything nautical, personalize some lobster bibs and grill lobsters, corn, clams, potatoes or whatever you love with your seafood and throw your very own lobsterfest!

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