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  The holidays seem to be a time when a lot of couples get engaged. In fact, I had three friends get engaged in the past few weeks!  When a close friend of mine gets engaged I always give a little gift to get her more excited about the big day.  I don’t like to give the same gift every time because each bride is so different. Below is a list of 5 gifts I have given in the past.

What do you like to give your friends when they get engaged?

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1. A Bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Cider With a Bridal Magazine

2. A Cute Binder With Tabs, Folders and Pretty Paper, So She Can Stay Organized Throughout Planning

3. A Gift Certificate to Get A Manicure, So She Can Have Gorgeous Nails When Showing Off Her New Bling

4. Throw the Newly Engaged Couple an Engagement Party

5. A Cute Ring Box or Dish to Hold Her New Ring

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