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  Spring is time for regrowth and lots of baby showers!  I have been invited to 5 baby showers this Spring and planning one for June. I love to give gifts and when I do I make sure they are thoughtful and useful.  When I have attended different baby showers I notice there are a lot of gifts for the babies and many, many clothes, so I thought it would be nice to purchase something for the mom.  I spoke to three different new mom’s to find out what they would ask for if they were to have a baby shower again and 5 gift ideas are below.  

Do you have a go to gift for baby showers?

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1. Bring in a night nurse to take care of baby so the new parents can get some sleep

2. Hire a cleaning service to clean the new parents home

3. Cook homemade dishes that can be frozen and deliver to mom after the baby is born or hire a food delivery service

4. Give mom a gift card to the spa and offer to babysit while she is getting pampered

5. Arrange for private yoga lessons at the new mom’s home

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