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Greetings Breezles,

Long time, no see.  I am not one to post sad or negative thoughts, but I wanted to post something to explain why I haven’t written for a while.  My father who was my best friend and mentor passed away suddenly a few months ago.  He was my biggest fan, so it was difficult for me to look at my website let alone post anything.  Today has been the first day I have visited Breezles since everything has happened and it reminded me of how much I love creating, so I am going to slowly start posting again.

I could have posted a quote about grief today, but I saw this quote about time and related to it. Everyday we think we have more time to get things done, but truth is, time gets away from us and sometimes we don’t know where it went.  I have taken time off from the website and hosting to concentrate on the responsibilities that have come up, but I need to get back into the groove because who knows how much time I have to follow my dreams.

What have you always wanted to do, but you blame not doing it on not having time?

, E



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