Greetings Breezles,

  Have you heard of the egg crack challenge?  In honor of Will Hauver, a 22 year old who passed away due to complications from an illness, people are cracking raw eggs over their head.  This all started when Will began the “Diabetes Egg Crack on the Head Challenge” six months before his death.  In response to to the ALS Bucket Challenge Will posted a viral video with him cracking an egg on his head instead of pouring ice water over himself to spread awareness for Diabetes.  His friends plan to keep his memory alive by asking others to spread awareness of Juvenile Diabetes by cracking eggs on their heads, so while you are coloring eggs this weekend keep a couple out of the boiling water so you can crack one over your head for Juvenile Diabetes. If you are vegan or you don’t want to crack a real egg over your head you can fill a plastic egg with something slimy and crack it instead.

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