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  My good friend Heidi Gress throws an event every year called Art Meets Fashion.   This year Art Meets Fashion premiered three collections.  The first was by Davis Hong, an emerging, local designer and first recipient of the Fashion Entrepreneurial Mentorship program.  The second was entitled Redefining Man and featured pieces from local boutiques. The final show was the US premiere of Nigerian designer Kinabuti.

The Art Meets Fashion Foundation is a non profit organization and chooses a different charity to give to each year.  For 2015 the Art Meets Fashion Foundation launched a new entrepreneurial mentorship and global documentary program.

“The Art Meets Fashion foundation is committed to creating a sustainable artistic industry locally and documenting stories from across the globe from other organizations that are impacting their community through art and fashion. Through documentary work— photography, film making, narrative writing, visual art, dance and music, Art Meets Fashion aims to raise not only awareness and financial support for these organizations but also to secure Utah’s place in an ever growing global landscape.” -Heidi Gress

One of the main goals of the Art Meets Fashion Foundation is to expand globalization on a local and global level by creating jobs through fashion.  I love the way the Art Meets Fashion Foundation is opening the minds of young people locally and globally and allowing them to see the possibilities which will help them rework their life into something positive. To be able to give someone a skill set and then give them a job is absolutely wonderful.  Most of the time you hear about people learning a skill, but don’t have anything to do with it when they are done with their schooling. The Art Meets Fashion Foundation is now giving people the tools to be successful.

Art Meets Fashion is growing every year and I can’t wait to see what next year holds.  Here is a short video about the event and if you are in Utah you won’t want to miss Art Meets Fashion 2016.

Do you like to go to local fashion shows?

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