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10 Football Themed Movies To Help Get You Ready For Football Season

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American football is the most popular team sport in United States.  Becuase of this there have been a lot of very popular movies about the sport.  To help you get excited for football season I made a list of 10 of my favorite football themed movies and the trailers are below.

What is your favorite sports themed movie?

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Jerry Maguire

Varsity Blues


The Blind Side

Draft Day



Remeber the Titans


In Football We Trust

We are Marshall

The Waterboy


Show Your Team Spirit

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Sometimes on game day you can’t show off your team spirit as much as you would like.  You could be working or going to an event where it is not acceptable to be wearing your sports themed pieces.   To help, I rounded up 10 pieces of jewelry to help you feel like you are rooting for your favorite team; even if you can’t be as flashy as you would like.

What do you like to wear when rooting for your favorite team?

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University Charm Bangle // Monogram Necklace // Game Time Watch // University Football Necklace // Red Crystal Mix Wrap Bracelet // Mini Alphabet Studs // Fan Bracelet // Monogram Ring // Initial Charm // Football Charm

5 Fun Facts About Football


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  With football season approaching there is going to be a lot of talk about the sport.  Even if you aren’t a big fan of the the most popular team sport in America it is important to know a few facts to help you get through the fall.  Below are 5 facts about football that will help you feel like a seasoned football fan.

What fun football facts would you like to add to the list?

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1. American football is a sport derived from English sports like soccer and rugby.  It became popular on American college campuses in the late 1800’s.  The first intercollegiate game was played in 1869 when Rutger’s defeated Princeton.

2. Coach, Walter Camp is known as the father of American Football because he helped make the rules in 1876.

3. There are 32 teams in the NFL and they all play for the Vince Lombardi trophy which is given to the winning team of the Super Bowl.  There are about 120 college football teams and they are divided into 11 conferences.  The ultimate goal for any college football team is to win the national college football championship game and receive the college football playoff national championship trophy.

4. American football is predominantly a male sport, but a women’s professional league is trying to form and there have been more female place kickers on highschool and college teams.  This year Sarah Thomas, became the first female full time official for the NFL and Jen Welter became the first woman to coach an NFL game.

5. The winners of the last Superbowl (number 49) were the New England Patriots.  They defeated the Seattle Seahawks who were the winners of the Superbowl 48. The 2014 college football champions were the Ohio State Buckeyes.  They defeated the Oregon Ducks.  To see the 2015 preseason rankings for both NFL and college football click on the links below.

ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings

ESPN College Football Rankings

10 Movies About Camping

Wyoming Sunrise 22x42

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  Growing up there wasn’t a summer that went by without a camping trip with my family or a weekend away at camp. Whether it was in the mountains, the desert or even the backyard my parents made sure we spent time in the great outdoors.  With Netflix coming out with an original series based on the movie “Wet Hot American Summer” I started to think about my favorite movies that reminded me of camping, so I put together a list of my 10 favorite movies about camping.  My list is below, but I would love to hear what your favorite camping movie is.

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1. The Great Outdoors

2. Moonrise Kingdom

3. Troop Beverly Hills

4. The Parent Trap (the original version)

5. Stand By Me

6. Wet, Hot American Summer

7. Camp Nowhere

8. Without a Paddle

9. Meatballs


Painting: Mark Gibson

50 Items To Pack For Your Next Camping Trip

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My husband and I are planning a camping trip, so camping is on my mind.  I like to be prepared and making lists helps me remember everything I need, so in order to make the right camping list I spoke to someone who has camped every year of his life.  He and I came up with this checklist of 50 camping essentials.  You can add or subtract from the list, but hopefully it helps when you are packing for a weekend in the woods and please let me know if we forgot anything.

 Happy Trails

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Summer Party Lighting

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Lighting can set the tone for the evening and when you are hosting a party it is important to create the right type of ambiance.  String lights are a perfect way to add a soft, warm glow to any get together and they are a fun and easy way to decorate.  To help you find the ideal string lights for your next gathering I rounded up 10 sets perfect for any party you are throwing this summer.

Do you hang string lights for special occassions?

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Avignon Light String // Bare Bulb Patio Light Set // Burlap Star String Lights // Copper Lantern String Lights // Disco Ball Light Set // Industrial String Lights // Mercury Glass Globe String Lights // Metal Flower String Lights // Party String Lights // Star Light Chain

5 Summer Party Ideas

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  Whether it’s a small get together with close friends or a large affair, adding a theme to any party, no matter how how simple can help make it more memorable. Below are 5 fun summer party ideas for when you want to throw a party your friends will never forget.

Do you have a favorite theme for summer parties?

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1. Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Party:  We have all heard of ugly sweater parties during the holidays, so why not make the party a luau and ask everyone to wear their favorite Hawaiian print. The uglier the better.

2.  Outdoor Movie Party:  Set up a projector outside, make some popcorn,  share your favorite movie candies, put out some blankets, pillows and chairs and voila, you have yourself an outdoor movie theater.

3. Beach Party: If you don’t live close to a beach there is no reason you can’t bring one to your home. Get a tarp and cover it with play sand, add sea shells, a few kiddie pools and bam, you have yourself a mini beach.

4. Relive Your Youth:  Was there a party you always wanted when you were young, but never got?  Whether you dreamed of a bounce house, a petting zoo, a ball pit or all of the above make it happen now.  Finish it off with food and drinks you loved when you were a child and have fun reminiscing about the “good ole days”.

5.  Lobster Bake:  Break out everything nautical, personalize some lobster bibs and grill lobsters, corn, clams, potatoes or whatever you love with your seafood and throw your very own lobsterfest!

The Perfect Picnic: 10 Picnic Baskets For Any Occassion

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Picnics are always on my summer to do list.  Whether it’s going to your neighborhood park, taking a hike in the mountains or going to an outdoor concert you want to make sure you have the right basket to carry everything in.  I rounded up 10 picnic baskets for any occasion and they are below.

Where do you like to picnic?

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Fruit Metal Basket // Gingham Lined Picnic Basket For Two // Wicker Picnic Basket // Canvas Picnic Tote // Cheshire Picnic Basket With Blanket // Collapsible Basket Cooler // Insulated Backpack // Wine and Cheese Basket // Rectangular Chip Picnic Basket // Rolling Picnic Cooler

12 of Summer 2015’s Hottest Tours

concert 1

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 This summer is jam packed with major tours from some of today’s biggest artists.   Whether you are into rock, pop, indie, edm or country there is a show for you.  Below are 12 must see tours this summer.

Are you going to any concerts this summer and who are you most excited to see?

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Taylor Swift

Now Through October 31st

Foo Fighters

Now Through October 17th

Ed Sheeran

Now Through September 10th

Death Cab For Cutie

Now Through October 5th

Shania Twain

Now Through August 24th

Mumford and Sons

Now Through August 22nd


Now Through September 25th

Bleachers and Charli XCX

Now Through August 12th

Kenny Chesney

Now Through August 29th

Dave Matthews Band

Now Through September 13th

Van Halen

Now Through October 4th

The Who

Now Through November 4th



10 Fun and Inexpensive Summer Date Ideas


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 You don’t need to have deep pockets to enjoy going out on some creative dates with your significant other this summer.   After all, it should be about the time you are spending together and not how much you spend.  Here are 10 entertaining yet affordable activities to do with your loved one this summer.

What is your favorite summer date?

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1. Pack some homemade popcorn and your favorite movie candies and go to an outdoor screening of a movie.

2. Rent a paddle boat, canoe or row boat and go for a ride around a lake.

3. Check out a local band at a concert in the park

4.  Take a short hike to watch a sunset.  Don’t forget to bring a blanket and refreshments and don’t go too far because you don’t want to get lost in the dark.

5. Make a campfire, roast s’mores and tell your favorite ghost stories

6. Stargaze and pick out different constellations with the help from an app or a book

7. Visit your local farmers market to pick up some yummy food for a picnic at your favorite park

8.  Bike around the city and make a stop for a summer treat a long the way

9. Relive your childhood by going to an activity center and spend the day mini golfing, riding go carts, playing arcade games, etc.

10. Take a scenic drive to a small town.  Have a bite to eat, do some shopping and explore together.