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My 10 Favorite Jeans From the Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

Greetings Breezles,

 One of my favorite websites, has an awesome sale for three days twice a year and it began today!  Jeans are part of my everyday wardrobe and when the friends and family sale comes around I always try to purchase a pair or two.  Designer denim rarely goes on sale, so when you can get your favorite pair of jeans for 25% off and free shipping it is hard to pass it up.  Below are 10 of my favorite jeans on right now.

What is your favorite denim style to wear?

♥, E

AG Countour 360

AG Countour 360 Farrah High Rise Jeans

AG The Landa Wide Leg Trouser Jean

AG The Lana Wide Leg Trouser Jeans

Blank Denim Skinny Jeans

Blank Denim Skinny Jeans

Citizens of Humanity Agnes

Citizens of Humanity Agnes Slim Straight Jeans

Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans

Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans

Frame Forever Karlie Tall

Frame Forever Karlie Tall Skinny Jeans

J Brand Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

J Brand Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

Levi's 501 Jeans

Levi’s 501 Jeans

Mother The Runway Skinny Flare Jeans

Mother The Runaway Skinny Flare Jeans

Paige Transcend Manhattahn Boot Cut Jeans

Paige Denim Transcend Manhattan Boot Cut Jeans



12 Easter Basket Goodies Any Adult Would Love

Greetings Breezles,

  I loved waking up on Easter morning to look for eggs and my Easter basket when I was a child. The Easter Bunny would leave Cadbury mini eggs, jelly beans, silly putty and other fun treats.  I still enjoy many of the candies I liked as a child, but my tastes have changed as I am sure yours have as well.  When it comes to filling Easter baskets for my husband and friends I make sure to fill them with items they can use, so below are 12 Easter Basket Goodies any adult would love to find in their Easter basket.

Do you like to give Easter Baskets to your adult friends and family?

♥, E

Easter Basket Goodies copy

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12.

8 Easter Baskets For Your Easter Weekend

Greetings Breezles,

  Are you decorating for Easter with Easter Baskets or taking part of a Easter Egg Hunt?  If so, I rounded up 8 stylish Easter Baskets for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Do you like to hunt for Easter Eggs?

xo, E

Wooden Basket With Handles // White Sabrina Baskets // Tall Moss Basket // Silver Glitter Basket // Rattan Basket // Natural Vine Basket // Mint Wire Basket // Basket Tote

10 Green Pieces To Wear On St. Patrick’s Day Without Sacrificing Your Style

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Breezles,

Many of us don’t want to run the risk of getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day, but how can we wear green without sacrificing our style?  I rounded up 10 green pieces you can add to your St. Patrick’s Day outfit without looking too cliché, just don’t wear them all at the same time.

How do you like to incorporate green into your outfit on St. Patrick’s Day?

, E

Mini Push Lock Crossbody Bag // Long Tube Dress // Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket // Amelia Jumpsuit // Florence Collar Necklace // Skinny Stretch Cargo Pant  // Oversized Scarf // Maxine Patent Pump  // Marala Knit Skirt // Mixed Eyelet Shell

How To Sound Like A March Madness Expert

basketball game

Greetings Breezles,

 March Madness begins this Thursday and you whether you want to know about the games or not you will probably hear about them.  To help you get through the next few weeks of college basketball craziness I put together a list of 5 talking points that will help you impress any college basketball fan you come across.

Do you like to watch March Madness?

, E

  1.  A 16 seed has never defeated a number 1 seed.  Maybe 2016 will be the year.
  2. March Madness commercials cost millions of dollars.
  3. Employees use sick days to stay at home and watch the games.  Some men even get vasectomy’s during this time because it is a guilt free way to catch every game.  Hospitals actually advertise it as Vasectomy Madness.
  4. The odds of having a perfect bracket are nearly impossible.  In fact some mathematicians have concluded that the odds are about 1 in 125 billion.
  5. UCLA has won the NCAA tournamnet 11 times, making them the team to win the most titles, but Kentucky is believed to be the best March Madness Team ever! Kentucky has been to the tournament 54 times, have had 120 tournament wins, they have played 167 tournament games, have been in the sweet sixteen 41 times and have been part of the elite eight 36 times.  They have played in the final four 17 times, have competed in 12 NCAA Championship games and has won 8 national titles.   Villanova is the lowest seed to ever win the title.  It was in 1985.

10 Spring Break Essentials For The Beach Bum

Greetings Breezles,

When I hear Spring Break I think of the beach, so I rounded up 10 essentials for the next time you get to relax by the water.

What are your beach day essentials?

♥, E

The Umbrella // The Beach Towel  // The Sunscreen // The Sunglasses // The Sandals // The Cover Up // The Sun Hat // The Bluetooth Speaker // The Bikini // The Beach Bag

An Exceptional Cocktail For Your Oscar Party

Greetings Breezles,

Are you looking for the perfect cocktail for your Oscar party this Sunday?  During the Sundance Film Festival I was lucky enough to speak with one of the West Coast Brand Ambassadors for Grey Goose and he showed me how to make one of their newest cocktails, the Grey Goose VX Martini Exceptionelle.  Below is a video explaining a little about the Grey Goose VX and directions on how to make this exceptional martini.

 Have you tried Grey Goose VX yet?

, E


2.5 oz. Grey Goose VX

Absinthe rinse

Spray of honey water

Garnish or skewer of frozen grapes


Rinse absinthe in glass, stir VX over ice and strain in martini glass, spray honey water into glass and garnish with frozen grapes peach slice or no garnish at all.

13 Actors Who Have Been Nominated, But Who Have Yet To Win An Oscar

Greetings Breezles,

  The Oscars are less than a week away and while I have been making my predictions on who will take home the prize I have also been thinking about the actors who have been nominated multiple times, but have yet to receive the golden statue.  Below is a list of 10 talented actors who have had many nominations, but no wins yet.

Who do you hope will win the Academy Award for best actor and actress this year?

, E

Glenn Close: 6 nominations for The World According to Garp, The Big Chill, The Natural, Fatal Attraction, Dangerous Liaisons and Albert Nobbs

Amy Adams: 5 nominations for Junebug, Doubt, The Master, The Fighter and American Hustle

Leonardo DiCaprio: 5 nominations for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Revenant

Annette Bening: 4 nominations for The Grifters, American Beauty, Being Julia and the Kids Are All Right 

Joaquin Phoenix: 3 nominations for Gladiator, Walk the Line and The Master

Tom Cruise: 3 nominations for Born On The Fourth Of July, Jerry Maguire and Magnolia

Michelle Pfeiffer: 3 nominations for Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys and Love Field

Johnny Depp: 3 nominations for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Finding Neverland and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Edward Norton: 3 nominations for Primal Fear, American History X and Birdman

Sigourney Weaver: 3 nominations for Alien, Working Girl and Gorillas in the Mist 

Michelle Williams: 3 nominations for Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine and My Week With Marilyn 

Robert Downey Jr: 2 nominations for Chaplin and Tropic Thunder

Helena Bonham Carter: 2 nominations for The Wings of the Dove and The King’s Speech


A New Fashion Documentary About The Met Gala

Greetings Breezles,

  I love a great documentary especially when it is about fashion.  The First Monday in May is a new fashion documentary about what goes into organizing the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute exhibit and the Met Gala.  Andrew Rossi, the filmmaker behind the popular Vogue documentary, The September Issue follows Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, the curator for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Andrew Bolton and the Director of Special Projects at Conde Nast, Sylvana Ward Durrett as they plan the 2015 exhibition and gala, “China:Through the Looking Glass”. The trailer for the film is below and it is set to open the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

What is your favorite documentary?

, E

15 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Greetings Breezles,

Whether it is your mom, sister, girlfriend, best friend or yourself it can fun to give a little valentine for the women you love most.  Below are 15 Valentine’s Day gifts for the special ladies in your life.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family?

, E

Gifts for Her copy

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15.