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10 Art Terms To Help You At Your Next Arts Festival

Mirage (36x84)

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A lot of festivals occur during the summertime and arts festivals have to be one of my favorite.  It is so much fun to see the different types of art, listen to live music and just enjoy a nice summer day outside.  After working as a director of an art gallery for many years I have learned a thing or two about art and have gained a new appreciation for paintings and sculpture. So, to help you feel a little bit more knowledgeable about art I listed 10 common terms with their definitions.

Do you like to go to arts festivals?

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1. Medium: The type of material used to create a piece of art.  A medium can be almost anything.  I have seen pieces made out of bottle caps, tree branches and even blood.

2. Abstract: A term used to describe a piece of art that is not representational or based on reality

3. Commission: To request a piece of art with you in mind.  Most artists will have you put money down if you would like them to paint something for you.

4. Diptych or Triptych: A diptych is an art piece consisting of two parts and a triptych is a piece consisting of three parts.

5. Lost Wax Process: The way the majority of bronzes are cast.  The piece usually starts out with a precast made out clay, wood or wax.  A rubber mold is made and wax is poured into the rubber mold.  The wax then goes through a porclain slurry and has a hard shell surrounding it.  Finally, hot bronze is poured into this shell and the wax is melted out.  Many bronzes are done in pieces and then welded together.

6. Edition: If a piece of work comes in an edition this means there are more than one.  The edition can be closed or open.  If it is closed the artist makes a minimum amount and stops producing copies once they reach the end  of the edition. If it is open the artist has not decided on the number they want to make yet.  The edition numbers usually look something like 5/30; 5 being the number you are purchasing and 30 being the amount in the edition.

7. Contemporary: Art made during the present time

8.Giclee: An exact print of an original painting using a high end ink jet printer.  Giclees are usually printed onto canvas, fine art or photo paper.  An enhanced giclee means the artist printed a copy of an original, but added paint to parts of the painting, but not the entire piece.

9. Patina: The colors on a bronze.  To get a various colors you paint certain chemicals and acids onto the bronze and heat them at different temperatures.

10. Direct Positive: A photographic term referring to a positive image made directly by exposure to light and by development without the use of a negative. In a direct positive print an image is produced on a surface and then treated chemically to imitate the tonal range of nature.

Painting: “Mirage” by Troy Collins

6 Mountain Camping Tips for Success from an Experienced Camper/Backpacker


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We are planning on going camping this weekend and because I haven’t been camping for a while I thought I should speak to an expert camper to find out what tips he could give me before I went on my adventure in the woods.  The person I spoke to has been camping and backpacking his entire life and doesn’t go a year without doing both.  He has camped in many different types of terrains and has experienced almost every kind of weather while camping, so I thought he would be a great person to ask.  A list of his 6 mountain camping tips are below and I hope they help you on your next camping trip.

What camping tips do you have?

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Water– Most campgrounds offer potable water, but a 5 gallon jug sitting on a camp stool saves a lot of steps and you can place it anywhere you want. DO NOT drink from lakes or streams!!!

Wood– Most campgrounds do not offer firewood and it can be hard to find downfall nearby. Bring your own or unload the vehicle and drive a little to a wooded area to pick up all the downfall you want.  A tarp can minimize mess if you choose to do this.  Get branches small enough to break and leave the axe at home.  “White man build big fire, stand far away.  Indian build small fire, stand close”.

Shelter– Whether you prefer a tent or hard sided unit prepare for rain and varying temperatures. The weather specialists are not always right and the mountains make their own localized weather.  Remember, the more you are prepared for bad weather the less likely you will have it.  Look for trees before pitching your tent and place a tarp underneath.

Shelter Yourself– Bug spray (I like 30% DEET), sunscreen and a first aid kit including Benadryl can save an otherwise miserable trip. A rain coat is great for hanging around camp, but a poncho is better for hiking, especially with a pack.

Bedding– When looking for a sleeping bag remember too much can be as bad as too little. Go light and take a fleece blanket for a liner if needed.  It’s always great to have a couple blankets on had just in case you get cold at night.  Air mattresses rule!  There are so many to choose from and there are other things you can use instead of purchasing the fancy backpacking pads.  Pool floats/loungers work just as well or you can find an air mattress that can be pumped up by a car adapter air mattress pump. Take an extra if you are planning on using it in a lake as well.

Clothes– You will get dirty and wet, so make sure the clothes you pack are washable and you won’t be upset if they are ruined. It will get cold, so layer up and have backups just in case.

5 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of The Sundance Film Festival From A Park City Local

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The Sundance Film Festival kicks off this Thursday in Park City and lasts 10 amazing days.   As a local television host, business manager on Main Street and patron of the festival for almost 15 years I have definitely learned a thing or two about Sundance. Below are five tips I have to help you make the most out of your time dancing in the Sun.

Happy Sundancing!

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Dress the Part

I know it is shocking, but Park City is cold and wet during the month of January, so dress warmly.  So many times I have seen women in short skirts and stilettos shivering in the cold and holding onto whatever or whomever they can to not slip on the ice. When you are headed to an event it is best to dress in layers and wear the right shoes. This way you can be warm while you are on your way to your destination and you can strip down to your party attire once you get inside.  If you want to stand out it can be as easy as wearing a colorful coat and accessories instead of black or gray.  It seems like every year Main Street becomes a sea of black coats, so if you want to be noticed add some color to your wardrobe.

Visit Exhibits and Lounges That Are Open To The Public

Take a break from the cold and visit one of the many places open to the public.  Many offer charging stations, snacks and beverages as well as experiences you can’t find anywhere else.  One of the exhibits you won’t want to miss is New Frontier.  It is the 11 year anniversary for New Frontier and the program looks absolutely amazing.  If you are outdoorsy make sure to stop by The Eddie Bauer Adventure House to hear stories from your favorite Eddie Bauer adventurers, guides and athletes and have a photo experience on top of a glacier.  Chase Sapphire On Main will have Q and A’s with actors and filmmakers throughout the festival as well as a taste of Park City every day around noon.

See A Film or Two or Three

 If you didn’t buy tickets in advance there are other ways to see a film during the festival. You can still purchase tickets to a few films at or you can register for the Sundance Film Festival eWaitlist at  You aren’t guaranteed a seat for the movie if you register, but at least you have a chance.  Many of the films have a question and answer session at the end of the film. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear the cast and crew talk about the movie.  It really adds to the festival experience.

Work At A Private Lounge Or Event

If you don’t mind adding a little work into your playtime check out the local classifieds for any gigs available during the festival.  My friends and I have worked with different companies throughout the years and we have been able to be a part of some amazing private events that we wouldn’t have been able to attend without our hard work.  Whether you want to be on the waitstaff, a bar tender, help with set up and tear down, a runner or a model there is a job for everyone during the film festival.

Be Ready For Anything

You never know who you are going to meet or what event you are invited to.   Even if you are planning on just walking down Main Street you could be asked if you want to go to a private screening, concert, event or see your favorite celebrity.  Some nights are full of adventures and others are nice to stay in and prep for the next day.   No matter what your Sundance experience brings I hope you enjoy what the festival has to offer.

Are you Ready for Black Friday?

Greetings Breezles,

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and it can be difficult to navigate your way around the stores to find the best deals, so here are 5 tips to help you take advantage of those once a year sales.  

What have you found to be helpful when shopping on Black Friday?

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1. Make a List. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for loved ones, you will be able to check more items off your list by doing your research and knowing which items you want to purchase ahead of time. 

2. Use Apps to Find the Best Deals. Apps are one of the best features on our smart phones and there are many apps that will be useful on Black Friday.  The best apps I found for Black Friday are TGI Black Friday and Shop Savvy.    

3. Price Match with Prices Online. Many of the chain stores will price match, so why not use stores found on the internet to score the best deals without having to wait for it to ship.  Amazon and Overstock are two online stores where you can find great deals year round and their prices only get better for Black Friday, so use those stores as additional stores to price match.

4. Make a Budget and Stick to It. A lot of people tend to overbuy when there are so many great deals because they think they are saving money, but if you don’t have the money to spend then you are not doing yourself a favor.  Make sure to set a limit to what you want to spend and don’t go over it no matter how good of a deal it is. 

5. Map Out the Stores you Want to go to. After you have made your list of what you would like to purchase make a list of where you would like to buy your gifts.  By making a map of where you want to shop, you can narrow down the time spent at each store, so you will have solid game plan for the day. If you are a coupon er make sure to place them somewhere you won’t forget when you are ready to go shopping.

6. Bring snacks and water. With all of the shopping who has time to go find somewhere to eat?  Don’t forget to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day by bringing a little snack you can place in your bag or car.  I always like to have a granola bar or piece of fruit in my bag in case I am in a situation where I need a little energy.  

7. Use Credit Cards With Cash Rewards. If you are using credit cards to purchase gifts why not get some type of reward in return?  If you are planning on making big purchases with a credit card go with the one that has the most rewards.


Shopping on Black Friday can be fun, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Luckily you can find more deals on Cyber Monday. There’s nothing better than shopping from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of standing in long lines and pushing your way through the crowds. Cyber Monday, which is on December 1st this year has amazing prices as well, so keep an eye out to see if any items on your list go on sale.

Happy Shopping!



Photo: Neiman Marcus holiday book 2011


A Classic and Easy Stuffing Recipe

Greetings Breezles,

My husband and I are in charge of stuffing and mashed potatoes this year for Thanksgiving dinner, so I came up with a wonderful homemade stuffing recipe that is sure to please everyone. A great thing about stuffing is you can add whatever you want to make it your own, so here is a basic recipe you can add meat, vegetables or fruit to without having to change the directions. 

What do you like to add to your stuffing?

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1 loaf Whole Grain Bread (you can use gluten free bread if you would like)
1 loaf of White Bread
1/4 cup of Parsley

Olive Oil or Butter

2 Tablespoons of Sage
Salt and Pepper to Taste
2 onions (or 1 large onion)

1 cup of mushrooms

3 large eggs, lightly beaten

2 cups chicken broth



Lightly spread each side of the slices of bread with olive oil or butter. Broil the slices of bread until they are slightly brown/toasted.  It took us about 7 minutes for each side. Allow bread to cool completely on a wire rack


photo 2 (29)

After you have boiled the bread preheat the oven to 325 degrees and begin to cut the bread into small pieces or put into a bag and break it up bread crumbs. Place in bowl with parsley, sage, salt and pepper.

photo 4 (25)


Cook onions, mushrooms and any other veggies you would like to add until they have softened.  

photo 3 (24)

Transfer vegetables to bowl with the toasted bread crumbs. Add eggs and chicken stock, and gently toss. Transfer mixture to a buttered shallow baking dish.

photo 5 (18)


Bake, covered, in middle of oven for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. To brown the stuffing, uncover and bake for an additional 20 minutes.


I hope you find this recipe helpful!

10 Gifts For Your Favorite Hostess

Greetings Breezles,

With Thanksgiving about a week away, the holiday party season is officially here.  It is always nice to show your gratitude to your gracious host, but how?  If you’re looking for fun, creative gift ideas for the ladies who host during this festive time I have got you covered.  Below are 10 presents for those who love to entertain.

What is your favorite hostess gift to give?

, E

hostess gifts

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.

10 Fun Facts About Halloween

Greetings Breezles,

Many people celebrate Halloween because it’s fun to dress up and ask for candy, but I wanted to know a little more about Halloween and why we celebrate it, so I scoured the web to find some random facts about the creepy holiday.   My 10 favorite facts about Halloween are below.

Do you have a fun fact about Halloween?

, E

Halloween Pic

1. Orange and Black are the traditional Halloween colors because orange represents the beginning of the fall harvest and black represents the death of summer.

2. Witches carry broomsticks because older woman who were convicted of witchcraft were usually very poor and could not afford horses, so they needed an aid of walking stick, which was sometimes replaced by a broomstick.

3.  Carving Jack O’ Lanterns originated in Scotland and Ireland.  People would carve scary faces into turnips or potatoes and would place them into windows or door ways to scare away evil spirits. 

4. The name Jack O’ Lantern stems from the story about Stingy Jack and the tricks he played on the Devil.  Soon after Stingy Jack died God would not allow such a person into Heaven and the Devil was still upset about being tricked by Jack, so he would not allow him into Hell.  Instead, he sent Jack off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the Earth with ever since. The Irish began to refer to this ghostly figure as “Jack of the Lantern,” and then, simply “Jack O’Lantern.”

5.  According to the National Confectioners Association almost three quarters of a trick or treater’s treasure is made up of chocolate

6. Halloween has had many names throughout the ages.  It has been called, All Hallows’ Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool Snap-Apple Night, Samhaim and Summer’s End. 

7.  Tootsie rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America

8.  The fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia.  Samhainophobia stems from the word,  Samhain, which was a ceremony held by the ancient Celts to celebrate the end of the harvest season.  Many believed  the dead roamed the earth on Samhain, so they would dress in costumes and leave treats on their front doors to appease the roaming spirits. 

9. Black cats were once believed to protect the powers of witches.

10. Halloween was a day to find your “soulmate”.  In Ireland some would celebrate the holiday by playing romantic fortune telling games that would predict who they were going to marry. Bobbing for apples is one of these games.  Bobbing for apples came about with the combination of the goddess of the fruit tree, Pomona and the pentagram (a Celtic fertility symbol). When an apple is sliced in half, the seeds form a pentagram-like shape and it is thought that the manifestation of such a symbol meant that the apple could be used to determine marriages during this time of year. During the annual celebration, young unmarried people try to bite into an apple floating in water or hanging from a string and the first person to bite into the apple would be the next one to be allowed to marry.

7 Items You Can Buy To Help Support The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Greetings Breezles,

 While you are shopping for items to fill your closet for Fall why not buy something that also goes towards a great cause?  Below are 7 items that help the fight against breast cancer by having a percentage of their purchase price go towards breast cancer research, education and support.

When buying clothing or accessories does it make a difference to you if some of the purchase price goes towards a good cause or not?

, E


Bright Pink Demi // Ivy Cross Body Bag // Pink Lifestyle Set // Layered Gemstone Necklace // Pink Pony Cotton Polo // Sleeper Set // Slip On’s

5 Things I Have Learned About Breast Cancer

Greetings Breezles,

October is breast cancer awareness month.  My mom has been battling stage 4 breast cancer for 4 years and I have been with her every step of the way. Throughout these last four years we have learned a lot about the disease, so I thought I should share 4 of the more interesting facts we know about breast cancer and ways to cope.  I am in no means a doctor, but I hope it helps anyone who is sick or someone who is helping a loved one fight this terrible disease.

Is there an interesting fact you know about breast cancer that you would like to add to the list?

, E

  1. There are different types of breast cancer and some of them can’t be found on a mammogram.  My mom has lobular breast cancer which wasn’t found on her mammograms.  She had a mammogram every year because my grandmother passed from breast cancer, so she made sure to have an examination done on a regular basis.  About 10% of invasive breast cancers are lobular breast cancers.  We found out she had cancer because it has metastasized to other parts of her body making her very, very sick.
  2.  Lobular breast cancer is very sneaky.  It likes to metastasize to parts of the body that are hard to get to or see.  My mom’s cancer has recently metastasized to the orbital area behind her left eye.  We recently heard a story about a woman who has been living with breast cancer for 11 years with it metastasizing to different places all over her body, sometimes more than once, but she has been able to survive because of chemo, radiation, hormone replacements and her will to live.
  3. There are several treatments making it easier and easier to live with breast cancer.  When my mom was first diagnosed with cancer she did a nasty round of chemo for about 6 months.  She had to get chemo once a month for 6 months and it made her very sick, but after the chemo she was able to take hormone replacements.  She was on the first combination of hormone replacements for almost two years before they stopped working and she felt great!  There are many different hormone replacement therapies to help patients live with breast cancer.  One of the drawbacks is after you use one and it stops working you can’t go back to it, so you have to move onto the next combination and keep going until you have no more combinations to try.  My mom has had another dose of a different type of chemo and has tried other hormones these last two years, but nothing has worked better than then first combination.
  4. More and more foundations for breast cancer and other diseases are being formed.  My mom and I just found out about a foundation for women who are battling breast cancer in our area called Image Reborn.  This foundation provides no-cost healing retreats to women diagnosed with breast cancer to empower them to live fully beyond breast cancer.  It is a great way to meet people who are going through what you are going through and gain support from each other all while having fun.

Many people have asked us how we keep going and we tell them we try to stay positive everyday.  Some days are harder than others, but the important thing is to think of everything we have to be grateful for.  My mom was told she had 9 months to live from the first doctor, but she is here 4 years later and plans to keep fighting.