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10 Straw Hats To Help Protect Your Face From The Sun

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  When you are spending time outdoors it is so important to protect your skin from the sun.  I like to get a little viatmin D when I can, but I always lather on sunscreen and wear a hat to keep my face away from the harmful UV rays.  Below are 10 cute straw hats you can wear to shade your face this summer.

Do you wear hats a lot in the summer?

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Caning Bucket Hat // Floppy Bow Hat // Straw Boater Hat // Mexicali Straw Panama Hat // Oversized Lattice Floppy Hat // Straw Floppy Hat // Straw Hat With Bow // Textured Straw Hat // The Spencer Wide Brimmed Boater Hat // Wide Brimmed Fedora

What to Wear To An Outdoor Concert

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I love to spend time outdoors during the summer and one of my favorite things to do is to see a concert at a local outdoor venue. There are different types of concerts and you want your outfit to fit the tone of the venue. Below is a little outfit inspiration for the next time you go to a relaxing outdoor concert at a setting where you can have a picnic and refreshments.

P.S.  All of the items are on sale too!

What do you wear to summer concerts?

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What To Wear To The Farmer’s Market

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 Many people say the farmer’s market isn’t a fashion show, but why not make it one?  When I go to the farmer’s market I like to be comfortable, but still stylish.  Below is a little outfit inspiration for the next time you are visiting your local farmer’s market.

What do you like to wear when going to the farmer’s market?

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10 Canvas Totes Perfect For The Farmer’s Market

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 One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to visit the local farmer’s markets.  Not only do you get to support your local farmers, but you can purchase some of freshest produce around.  When going to the market it is imperative you have a big bag to help you carry your groceries in, so I rounded up 10 canvas totes that will help you get all all of your goodies home safely.

Do you like going to farmer’s markets?

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Long Beach Tote $20 // Beach 3D Logo Large Zip Tote $136.50 // Tall Canvas Tote $21.99 // The Riviera Fringe Tote $78.00 // Summer Lovin’ Tote $88 // Nor’easter Tote $79 // Floral Print Canvas Tote $32 // Natural And Gold Open Top Tote $44.50 // FEED 100 Shopper $35 // Factory Canvas Tote $34.50

10 Cute Dresses To Wear On The 4th of July


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Whatever your 4th of July plans include a cute sundress is the perfect thing to wear for any event this weekend.  I like to dress in patriotic colors on the 4th, but I try to be subtle about it.  I usually find a dress in red, white or blue and add accessories in the other two colors.  Below are 10 fun dresses to wear this Saturday that you can accessorize any way you would like.

Do you like to wear red, white and blue on the 4th of July?

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ASOS Stripe Cut Out Midi Prom Dress $109.00 // Swiss Dot Split Neck Dress $39.90 // Sleeveless Embroidered Sunburst Dress $128.00 // French Hen Maxi Dress $98.00 // Sleeveless Shirt Dress $36.50 // Cooperative Pleat Neck Crepe Mini Dress $39.99 // Colorful Combo Dress $35.99 // Belle of the Barbecue $59.99 // Vertical Stripe Dress $29.99 // Seapane Dress $119.95

Please keep in mind that all of the prices listed are what they are today.  They may go up or down depending on the day you click on the link.

4th of July Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and I like to dress in patriotic colors for all of the fun festivities.  It is usually very warm on the 4th, so I put together a little outfit inspiration with light and airy pieces for when you are out and about this weekend.

What do you like to wear on the 4th of July?

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 4th of July

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10 Stylish Beach Bags For The Summer

Greetings Breezles,

  A stylish beach bag is the perfect thing to carry knick knacks and essential items to the pool. Below are 10 beach bags that will accent any summer outfit while providing the extra space needed to carry a variety of poolside necessities.

What are your poolside essentials?

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Sun Crush Tote // Stripe Straw Tote // Tri Tone Paper Beach Tote // Lilly Pulitzer Print Canvas Beach Tote // Mesh Beach Polka Dot Tote Bag // Summer Lovin’ Tote // Marc By Marc Jacobs Medium Tote // Original Deano Tote // Straw Tote // Maaji Beach Bag