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Day Hike Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

One of my favorite things to do while I am camping or have a free day in the summer is to take a day hike.  Whether you are taking a long trek or a short one you want to be prepared.  Below is a little outfit inspiration for the next time you get to be one with mother nature.

What do you like to bring when you go hiking?

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Sundance Film Festival Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

  January is one of the coldest months of the year and whether you are relaxing at home or you are traveling to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival you want to have pieces that will keep you toasty.  Below is a little outfit inspiration for the next time you are going to be spending a good amount of time in colder temperatures.

What is your favorite item to wear when it is cold outside?

, E

Sundance 2017

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5 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of The Sundance Film Festival From A Park City Local

Greetings Breezles,

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off this Thursday in Park City and lasts 10 amazing days.   As a local television host, business manager on Main Street and patron of the festival for almost 15 years I have definitely learned a thing or two about Sundance. Below are five tips I have to help you make the most out of your time dancing in the Sun.

Happy Sundancing!

, E

Dress the Part

I know it is shocking, but Park City is cold and wet during the month of January, so dress warmly.  So many times I have seen women in short skirts and stilettos shivering in the cold and holding onto whatever or whomever they can to not slip on the ice. When you are headed to an event it is best to dress in layers and wear the right shoes. This way you can be warm while you are on your way to your destination and you can strip down to your party attire once you get inside.  If you want to stand out it can be as easy as wearing a colorful coat and accessories instead of black or gray.  It seems like every year Main Street becomes a sea of black coats, so if you want to be noticed add some color to your wardrobe.

Visit Exhibits and Lounges That Are Open To The Public

Take a break from the cold and visit one of the many places open to the public.  Many offer charging stations, snacks and beverages as well as experiences you can’t find anywhere else.  One of the exhibits you won’t want to miss is New Frontier.  It is the 11 year anniversary for New Frontier and the program looks absolutely amazing.  If you are outdoorsy make sure to stop by The Eddie Bauer Adventure House to hear stories from your favorite Eddie Bauer adventurers, guides and athletes and have a photo experience on top of a glacier.  Chase Sapphire On Main will have Q and A’s with actors and filmmakers throughout the festival as well as a taste of Park City every day around noon.

See A Film or Two or Three

 If you didn’t buy tickets in advance there are other ways to see a film during the festival. You can still purchase tickets to a few films at or you can register for the Sundance Film Festival eWaitlist at  You aren’t guaranteed a seat for the movie if you register, but at least you have a chance.  Many of the films have a question and answer session at the end of the film. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear the cast and crew talk about the movie.  It really adds to the festival experience.

Work At A Private Lounge Or Event

If you don’t mind adding a little work into your playtime check out the local classifieds for any gigs available during the festival.  My friends and I have worked with different companies throughout the years and we have been able to be a part of some amazing private events that we wouldn’t have been able to attend without our hard work.  Whether you want to be on the waitstaff, a bar tender, help with set up and tear down, a runner or a model there is a job for everyone during the film festival.

Be Ready For Anything

You never know who you are going to meet or what event you are invited to.   Even if you are planning on just walking down Main Street you could be asked if you want to go to a private screening, concert, event or see your favorite celebrity.  Some nights are full of adventures and others are nice to stay in and prep for the next day.   No matter what your Sundance experience brings I hope you enjoy what the festival has to offer.

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

Whether you’re hosting a low-key Friendsgiving or packing your bags to celebrate with the family, two things are certain: A big meal is imminent, and a festive outfit is in order.  Below is a little outfit inspiration for your Thanksgiving wardrobe. 

What are you going to wear this Thanksgiving?

, E


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Halloween Work Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

  Halloween lands on a Monday this year, so many people are working.  I love holidays and like to be festive, but not go overboard.  Below is a little outfit inspiration for when you are working on Halloween.

Are you allowed to wear a costume to work on Halloween?  If so, what are you going to dress up as?

, E


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7 Items You Can Buy To Help Support The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Greetings Breezles,

 While you are shopping for items to fill your closet for Fall why not buy something that also goes towards a great cause?  Below are 7 items that help the fight against breast cancer by having a percentage of their purchase price go towards breast cancer research, education and support.

When buying clothing or accessories does it make a difference to you if some of the purchase price goes towards a good cause or not?

, E


Bright Pink Demi // Ivy Cross Body Bag // Pink Lifestyle Set // Layered Gemstone Necklace // Pink Pony Cotton Polo // Sleeper Set // Slip On’s

Pretty In Pink Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

 Have you seen a lot of people wearing pink lately?  It could be because October is breast cancer awareness month and pink is the color for breast cancer awareness.  Wearing the color is an easy way to show your support without saying a word, so I put together an outfit centered around pink.

Do you like to wear a color to support and spread awareness for a type of cancer?  If so, which color?

, E

b can

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Dog Walking Outfit Inspiration

Greetings Breezles,

  One of my favorite things to do is walk my dog.  It is a great way to bond with her, ease stress and get a little exercise.  I love taking her to the mountains and the trails around the neighborhood, but it can be fun to walk her around the city too.  It is important to be comfortable and feel good about what you are wearing when you are getting any type of exercise and I like to dress for where I am walking.  Below is a little outfit inspiration for the next time you are walking around the city; with or without your dog.

Where do you like to walk? Do you prefer the city, your neighborhood, etc?

, E

www dog


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8 Tips for New Dog Owners

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Greetings Breezles,

 There is nothing like finding your new best friend and bringing them home, but if you are a first time dog owner there are a few things you should know before settling down with your new furry friend.  I spoke to my friend who works at the rescue we adopted Bella from and she helped me put a list of 10 tips to help making new dog parenthood a little easier.

What tips do you have for new dog owners?

, E

Dog Proof Your Home: No matter the age of the dog a new home can be stressful and curiosity can get the best of them, so make sure your home is safe for your new BFF.  This may include taping loose electrical cords and baseboards, storing plants on higher shelves, removing any objects that are small enough to swallow and placing breakables/valuables in hard to reach areas.

Purchase Supplies: Grab everything you think you will need for your dog before bringing them home.  A few of the essentials are a leash, collar, crate (if you are crate training), food, water bowls, food bowls, identification tags, treats, a cozy bed and of course treats.

Find a Vet: It is important to find a vet you trust.  Ask friends with dogs who they would refer and read reviews online.  Make an appointment with a vet shortly after you get your new dog.  The vet can tell you if your dog is up to date on shots, make sure they are healthy and recommend a dog food it should be eating based on its breed, age and weight.

Microchip and Register: You can have your dog microchipped when you have your first vet visit.  It is important for your dog to have a collar and make sure it has tags with their name and your contact information, but you also want to make sure it is microchipped. Once your dog is microchipped make sure you register the microchip right away.  Collars can come off, but microchips aren’t going anywhere.

Get Outside: Exercise is one of the most important things for a dog, especially a puppy.  Whether you enjoy walking, running, throwing a frisbee or a ball make sure daily exercise becomes a routine.  Being active is great for both you and the dog.

Set Rules: Let your dog know who’s boss.  You don’t need to yell or get too stern, but if you see your dog doing something he shouldn’t make sure you let them know immediately.  When your dog does something good reward them with a treat and tell them they have been good.  Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 dogs respond better to their owner telling them they are a good dog after they do something good than treats, so make sure to let them know verbally that they are doing something you like.

Sign Up For Obedience Classes: Even if your dog is well behaved it doesn’t hurt to sign them up for obedience training.  Not only does your dog learn new tricks and how to behave, but you will learn about how to be a better dog owner.  It is also a nice way to meet other dogs in your community, so you can plan a doggy play date.

Prepare Other Pets and Children: When a newcomer is added to the family other pets and children can get neglected.  Try not to have a favorite and treat each animal the same to avoid jealousy. When introducing your new dog to other dogs in the family or friends dogs meet them somewhere neutral, like a park/ l.  Don’t go to a house where one animal will feel territorial and become the alpha. Make sure children know how to approach the dog without overwhelming them.  It is best not to bring too much excitement to the dog in the first few days.