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  Summer time and being outside in the sun go hand and hand and it is very important to take care of yourself and your loved ones skin when spending time outside in the sun’s harmful rays.  I want to be prepared for the summer, so I spoke to my dermatologist to see what sun protection tips she could give me and 5 of them are below.  Some of them are obvious, but others I didn’t know about, so I am happy I asked her. I hope these tips help you when you are playing in the sun.

What sun protection tips do you have that aren’t on the list?

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  1. Apply sunscreen before you put on your clothes and before you go outside.  Sunscreen needs about 20 minutes to sink in and you might miss a spot when you are working around your clothes.
  2.  Stay out of the sun by seeking shade and wear protective clothing such as wide brimmed hats and long sleeves.
  3. When looking for sunscreen check the ingredients.  Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are two of the best ingredients to look for ( I like Honest Mineral Sunscreen). If you can double up! Lather on a chemical sunscreen first, then when it’s dry rub on a physical block.  The chemical sunscreen absorbs the sun’s rays and protects from UVA damage and the physical sunscreen adds another layer in case some sun gets through.
  4. Remember to apply sunscreen close to your eyes and scalp.  Regular sunscreens can sting if you get them too close to the eye, so use a concealer with SPF or a mineral powder with sunscreen protection (I like Peter Thomas Roth).  Protect your scalp by misting a spray sunscreen around your head and when in doubt, wear a hat.
  5. Get your vitamin D checked and visit your dermatologist regularly! Make sure your dermatologist checks for melanoma at least once a year!!!!!

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